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We are EOSeoul, EOS∙Ethereum developer and crypto accelerator based in South Korea

Introduction to EOSeoul

Over 20 years of tech experience

EOSeoul is a subsidiary of NEOWIZ Inc., over 20 years old top South Korean video game∙tech developer and publisher based in Seoul.

A hard worker of blockchain community

We’re proud to be a part of the EOS∙Ethereum blockchain by developing DApps and investing in fantastic blockchain tech and games. Support EOSeoul and Vote for us!

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Our Products

Our team members constantly making products and services to make the EOS ecosystem richer and easier to use for the public.

  • A blockchain playground for everyone

    nBlocks is your gateway to access high-quality blockchain apps and games with user-focused development platform and account API running on EOS, Ethereum networks.

  • REAL games on the blockchain

    You can play the world first VR rhythm game running on the EOS blockchain. Just play and enjoy the TAPSONIC game with blockchain technology!

  • EOSeoul Development Course

    CODEOS is to develop the global blockchain ecosystem by riding the EOS knowledge gap and supporting EOS developer.

  • The Most Informative EOS portal

    Gives EOS information, including vote, block producers, website and more. EOStat has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Our EOS mainnet nodes location & specifications

  • Location

    South Korea, Japan
    Producer master/slave node
    - Seoul

    Hidden Fullnode - Seoul

    Front/History Fullnode - Tokyo
  • Servers

    GCP + EOSeoul Data Center
    Producer node
    (Master/Slave) X 2

    Full node X 4

    History full node X 2


EOSeoul Hybrid-Infrastructure

Team EOSeoul

Our team consists of members from a leading online game company NEOWIZ and its start-up accelerator NEOPLY

Our Blog

Get the latest news from EOSeoul community.

Blockchain Investment

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