• Yongkil Kwon

    Yongkil Kwon


    Yongkil is the CEO of NEOPLY, Korea’s leading start-up accelerator, and a board member of NEOWIZ Holdings. He previously worked at Samsung Electronics and GameOn (Japan).

  • Taegeun Bae

    Taegeun Bae


    Currently head of technology at NEOWIZ and have experience in web development, DBA and architecture.

  • Joongsup Choi

    Joongsup Choi


    CISO/CPO of NEOWIZ. He has worked at Korea Internet and Security Agency(KISA) focusing on information security response, collaboration of related organizations. He also worked at NCA and involved construction of Korea Information Infrastructure and operation of KRNIC.

  • Dongwon Shin

    Dongwon Shin

    CEO (China)

    Head of NEOWIZ China and NEOPLY China. He has many years of experience working in China. He currently manages EOSeoul’s Chinese communication and his previous workplace include Daum China, KT and LG U+.

  • Taehyun Kwon

    Taehyun Kwon


    Currently Head of technology at NEOWIZ PLAYSTUDIO. He previously worked at Ssangyong Telecommunications, SK communications, NCsoft and NEOWIZ in designing and developing system platform architecture.

  • Sungmin Ma

    Sungmin Ma

    Lead Systems Engineer

    Sungmin is the system Engineer at NEOWIZ Games and he has experience of managing over 1,500 servers since 2005.

  • Jaejin Yoon

    Jaejin Yoon

    Lead Software Engineer

    Engineer at NEOWIZ with focus on game servers and DB middleware.

  • Chungeun Do

    Chungeun Do

    Lead Software Engineer

    Leading smart contract development and EOS code analysis at EOSeoul. Previous employers include Samsung electronics, NEOWIZ PLAYSTUDIO and MP Lab.

  • Daesung Lim

    Daesung Lim

    Technology Manager

    He has 18 years experience in the IT field and currently leads the LAB, Technology Strategy, and PMO as Neowiz Technical Planning Team Manager. Previously, he was an IT architect and consultant at IBM.

  • Kyunghwan Kim

    Kyunghwan Kim

    Technology Manager

    Software engineer at NEOWIZ. He has 18 years of experience in network engineering and developing products such as security appliances and backend systems.

  • Victor Lee

    Victor Lee

    Product Manager

    He has more than 9 years of business development experience in the game industry and currently the product manager of EOSeoul.

  • Hyunwoong Ji

    Hyunwoong Ji

    Product Manager

    Product Manager of EOSeoul. He is a member of the business development team at NEOWIZ PLAYSTUDIO and primarily focuses on blockchain research.

  • Hubert Chang

    Hubert Chang

    Communications Manager

    Business development mananger at NEOWIZ PLAYSTUDIO and is the main contact for English communication for EOSeoul.

  • Inyoung Jung

    Inyoung Jung

    Communications Manager

    Venture capitalist of NEOPLY’s China branch and in charge of Chinese communication for EOSeoul.

  • Rose Jeong

    Rose Jeong

    Communications Manager

    She is in charge of new technology research and planning at NEOWIZ Technology Development Department. She is a communications manager at EOSeoul.

  • Hyunhee Kim

    Hyunhee Kim

    Public Relations Manager

    Team Leader of the Investment team at Korea’s start-up accelerator NEOPLY. She searches for blockchain start-ups for investment and is responsible for media communication

  • Taeyoung Kim

    Taeyoung Kim

    Communications Manager

    He is in charge of technology department in NEOWIZ's Japanese subsidiary, GameOn. He is responsible for EOSeoul's Japanese channel communications.

  • Masaki Sano

    Masaki Sano

    Communications Manager

    He is in charge of the infrastructure in NEOWIZ's Japanese subsidiary, GameOn. He is responsible for EOSeoul's Japanese channel communications.